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This is a wonderful and gripping story. Your use of the topic, also good. I was on the edge of my seat...literally.

I really like the simplicity and yet the power of...I AM.

Your story will touch many who have been in the MC's shoes. You did a great job voicing what all of us feels as some time or another in moments of despair.

Remember to double space paragraphs for easier reading :)
Wow. There are no greater "little" words than I AM! Very powerful.
A great reminder of God's infinite Love.
In our deepest moments of despair, he makes himself Known.
When the heart cries out, " Who is this God who cares?" He answers I AM!
Thanks for a wonderful reminder.
This is moving and powerful.

I think your story would have a stronger impact if it were divided into separate, smaller paragraphs, and if we got to know your character better though dialog and other words, more show, less tell.

Love the resolution--beautifully done.
If Jan likes your have just received a great compliment. Jan is one of FW's primo writers, and teaches some great classes for beginners to sharpen their skills. Congrats on a great story.
This is an absolutely stunning story! So powerful.

I must admit, I almost didn't read it as I scrolled down I saw the huge block of words and felt overwhelmed. Breaking it into several paragraphs and giving the reader white space would easily fix that.

This is story that definitely shouldn't be missed. I'm so grateful I kept reading. I think many people have felt that frustration, feeling like a nothing can be done right. You described the anguish beautifully.
Congratulations on third place on your level!