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Well....where do I begin?

Creatively cute. BUT, just want to say, that I am with Winnie, all the way! Just can't take the pepto bismol pink, but unlike her...just not ashamed about it. :)
This is so so so so so funny. I'm laughing so hard I can barely type. If this doesn't win, then there is no justice. I love it!
For-um heaven sakes! ROFL.
Clever allegory!

A few notes: you slipped between past and present tense a few times--and your HTML would have worked if you'd used the < and > signs rather than brackets.

I hope your readers read beyond the clever dialog and see the deeper meaning in your cute entry.
You have given wisdom for the mature wrapped in the simplicity of a child. That is difficult to accomplish but you did it very well. Some issues with proofing and formatting but that will come with time. I enjoyed this humorous entry.
LOL! It took me a couple paragraphs to get the connection! :) Very clever work on this (and for the record--I think it's OUT of the box!) :)
A very creative, different entry - great fun to read. Not that I've ever complained about my own short, stubby pencil's length :-)
Let's try that again: pencil's COLOUR I mean. Thanks for a great article!
This is cute. (I wonder how Deb will feel about being honored as the "heroine pencil" of the story? ;) )
I love not only the free, whimsical spirit of this story, but the way it was told as well.
So carefree, yet profound. Simple but complicit with a lingering truth that nags the conscience to dig and look deeper. Wonderful job! Doubt you'll be in beginners for long.
Just thought of something else, your style (especially with the title)reminds me somewhat of Erma Bombeck...loved her work. : )