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Very good take. I never though of that story in that way.
Great job. Loved the mild humor and yes, I would have been scared stupid! :)

Liked your use of this story for the topic. A literal "hand writing" experience, of God's word and the divine power behind it.
I think you are right. The pen and the sword are only as great as the person using them. What God wrote on the wall was important for Belshazzar, and an important reminder for us today. Thank you for your article.
Good job--this reads like a sermon.

I noticed a few instances of semicolons used incorrectly; they should separate two independent clauses.

You did a great job with this week's topic.
Interesting take on the topic. A fascinating Bible story, of course, and yes, I would have been scared as well!!
You made a great point, I too felt like it was a sermon. Some of the wording seemed a little awkward, but your passion for the Lord really shines through.