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I have always felt bad for Peter as I know that I too, would have probably denied Christ if my life were on the line. Oh how I also ache at my own cowardness.

Perhaps one of the best stories in the bible to reflect how inadequate we all are in these fleshly bodies with good intentions.

Good message here and with the use of the topic as well. The sword killed Christ (temporarily) and yet His word lives on.
The Good News = A Good Article. Peter's story is already one of my favorites. He went from defeat to forgiveness thanks to Christ. Your story is also a good reminder of the power Christians have to encourage each other when things get tough.
Vivid re-telling of the biblical story, and good use of the topic.

The longer speeches of Peter and John might read more smoothly if interspersed with some action. Sometimes is was hard to tell what was dialog, thoughts, or the writer's comments.

I like the way you brought the disciples to life at what must have been a very stressful and confusing time for them.
Very powerful. I enjoyed looking into the disciples thoughts.

I did have a hard time following who was talking perhaps if you had added a" at the beginning of each continuing paragraph, then ended the thought or speech at the end with another" I might have been able to follow it easier. It seems silly that something as simple as punctuation could make a difference, but it's something that can be fixed easily.

Otherwise, outstanding job and very poignant. I really liked how John rallied them back together again. All of their thoughts and words were very believable.