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Clever, simple and packed with thought. Also learned a new word...Nibs :)
Beautifully written! What would make this lovely poem even better is if you divided the rhyming verses into lines. Other than that, it practically perfect. :)
Magnificent poetic writing! I loved this thought-provoking piece, which masterfully utilizes showing rather than telling. My favorite line is: Blades of steel or tips with ink which is mightier do I think? The message was heavy, yet the writing, the prose, was light and airy, and I felt like I was skipping through a flowered meadow.
You took the topic very literally but turned it into a beautiful poem. The words you spoke are quite true and you did a beautiful job of expressing yourself.
This is quite lovely!

I'd love to see it formatted more like a typical poem.

Looking forward to reading more from you in future challenges!
Great to have you in the challenge, Maria! And with a very nicely done poem! I would recommend formatting it as a poem to make the impact even greater.

Awesome :-)
I won't mention formatting it as a poem... oops, sorry, I mentioned it.

Really, this poem was a delight to read. You have a good grasp of how to use your words. You will do well writing for these challenges.
I love the rhythm in this poeitic prose. Welcome to the challenge! Looking forward to seeing more.
Maria, I like the way you think. Teasing the words onto the page. Your style here draws the reader into the debate. Looking forward to more from you.

Good job on your first entry! I really liked the rhymes.
Very lovely poetry-When I saw it,I thought it was a short story, but sang through a flowing poem instead. Wonderful entry.
This is very lovely. I see alot of people suggested you format it into lines and I would agree. In the format you wrote it, I found myself rushing through it, like one reads a paragraph. Breaks would allow pauses for thought - something which your lovely writing deserves. Excellent job!
Very creative and insightful. Well done.
You really know how to use words to show your thoughts. Fabulous writing, and I love the rhymes throughout.
I will promise each of you
To break my lines
In poems so true

Comments kind I read
And to them I give heed.

So my thanks I give to you
I will learn when this is through.

I appreciate the time
you have taken with my rhyme.
You know, you did a really good job with this. You have a great rhythm/meter and rhyme. I look forward to reading more of your work!
Welcome to the addiction of The Challenge. Tips and tricks will come as you get your feet under you. Great job of jumping in with your gift of words.
Outside of the formatting, I thought it was great!

They say that repetition is good for the soul. That's the only reason that I reiterated on the format.

You are very talented!