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Rather grotesque, but I suppose that was your chosen effect. I like it :) (The morbid person that I am...) Spacing is needed, and remember, when submitting your entries to preview them first, especially when submitting a file. Thanks for sharing!
Hit "Preview" before you post, and you'll be able to see and eliminate the extraneous characters. A very unique approach to "postcards". Chilling and scary.
A dark piece but with some really good descriptive writing. I found that when I read it the second time, knowing it was based on Revelations, it fell into place for me and didn't seem so dark. And then the last line seemed almost to be filled with hope. Keep on writing and God Bless.
This is really creepy! But you wrote it well. Definitely worth expanding.
Your descrptive writing was very good, I can 'see' where he was hiding, and 'feel' how desperate he felt. Good job! God Bless, Karen
You definitely have some vivid images here! Congratulations on visiting places in your imagination that I haven't yet had the courage to explore in my own! Interesting picture of a very difficult time we as current Christians will fortunatly not have to endure. :)
It seems to run togeter in parts.. maybe spacing, a little editing... I am bad at it myself, come to chat some time we'll talk
I found this article incredibly difficult to read. Spacing (as the others pointed out) was lacking, but I also found your writing style to be somewhat mangled. Difficult to follow. Your choice of words seemed disconnected. Nonetheless, you have talent in writing and I'm looking forward to reading some of other articles