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I liked your story and the visualizations I had of your kitchen on the farm.

I was so happy for your A and also felt your disappointment from you mom. We mother's just don't always see, that our need to be thrifty, sometimes steps into lifting our children up at a time when they need it. I am one such guilty mom.

Great story, brought back Home Ec memories for the first time in many years. My childhood was similar, but thank goodness I never had to learn to cook on a wood stove--I had enough trouble with gas when I had to learn that.
I enjoyed your story very much. It brought back my memories of Home Ec. Eek!

Thankfully my mother taught me some cooking skills before I had that class. It was the sewing where I had trouble. :)

I enjoyed your visualizations as well. I could see those muffins. It was great.
I'm 2 years from shoddy nerves myself...
BTW, how did you get a glance into MY childhood?
Ah yes... Home Ec... Fun times except for the sewing! I was fortunate to be let in the kitchen when I was growing up, but did make some whoppers of mistakes!

I appreciated this story and the details you included. Nicely done.