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The 4th word in first line is WHAT not "was" sorry, need to proof read better
Yes, I see the error, but the poem is great. Brings a lot of new thoughts to mind. Good job!
As I think on this, I really don't think this happened until after the flood, as I believe the animals ate vegetation until after that time. It still shows what sin does to people and everything that they touch.
Clever title and concept.

I found this bumpy in terms of meter--and take care not to comment on your own entry until after judging is done, lest the judges accidently see your name there.

I never would have thought of the very first 'eek', and you did a nice job with this.
I do agree with some of the previous comments, however I loved it and see it as a piece to be used when talking to children about the "Fall."
I rarely think of who else might have been there when I read the Bible,and what they might have felt. This gives me fresh insight into how the sin of man might have affected all creation. Something to ponder. Thank you.
This is a great and unique POV. I was sure you were headed for Noah and was pleasantly surprised with the journey you took me on. Good job.