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I loved the thought of the imaginations of the boy that gave Jesus his lunch. A great way to teach the story to children.
Great job, interesting POV.
Miracle man vs mini me. What a good statement. I must borrow it myself feeling overwhelmed with life ... different context but a great concept. Interesting perspective - fun to get into the mind of that little boy whose lunch was used to feed the masses.
Really good use of the promopt for the week, and a good voice.

There were some punctuation errors that were minor distractions...

...but this was one of the most creative that I've read so far.
Oops, I meant 'prompt'!
A satisfying retelling of the well known story. I'm not sure that you've used Eek appropriately. Surely Eek conveys a sense of fright, unless where you live it has a different sense. But aside from this well done.
One of my favorites this week. I would like to incorporate this story when I talk to youth about Jesus' miracles.
I never thought before about the little boy and what must be going through his mind. I liked this take. Thank you.
This is fantastic. I knew where you were going, but I was still delighted to take the ride. you put such feeling and emotion in your words.