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This one brought tears to my eyes. A very good expression of a drifting life. Good job of writing it down.
You looked inside yourself with honesty. I enjoyed the poetic language and the images used. Poetry need not be (and seldom really is) "sing song ryhme". Poetry is a "word dance" that exposes realities that all feel but that only the artist can express. You did a nice jo here, as an artist, poet and writer. Thanks
Nice job as you wrote using words that do ryhme
Some of what writers have on their mind
Just have some fun and go on with the flow
Where it will end well who cares and who knows

The challenges hint of emmotion and thought
Some write on through and others get caught
In a road block that's called often times writers block
Some just sit and struggle while the clock ticks tick tock

Phew!, that challenge is over
Its over and done
Hey its not about us
It about Christ Gods own Son!

Good job

Sorry that last comment wasnt for you
Your writing flows well and paints interesting pictures. I was wondering about being 23 and having a quarter of a century of belongings in the box. I'm often dense and don't read between the lines very well.
I like your descriptions of what is in the box. How often we fail to realize how heavy resentment and anger is to carry around. Good job.
Very good work on this well-written entry. I liked your use of "dogwood tree" at the end.