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This is an article that many need to read. Bullying has become a major issue. I guess that I would have stuck with the one subject, however, as I felt the "ride with a stranger" quite far removed from what you had first written. That would make an article of its own. Nevertheless, it was a very interesting and challenging story.
Your story did a good job of reminding me of all the times while growing up, God was ALWAYS there with me too! I am looking forward to leaving the ugliness of this world behind also.
Interesting first hand account of how mean junior highers can be. And thinking better of taking the ride was certainly God's Providence. I'm wondering if that piece of the story could have been saved for another, and the junior high account could have been ended with the one kind word or deed someone may have spoken or done during those years. Perhaps there were none, sadly.
nicely written. very poingant, too. I agree with the comment that perhaps it might have been better to split this. however, both portions work with the topic. well done.
I felt said for the MC the whole time I read this. I hope I have raised my kids to stick up for the underdog. I wanted to give you a big hug and tell you that you were loved, even if you didn't feel so. Good job in bringing out such powerful emotions in me.
I really felt for the MC in this piece. I wish someone had come to her rescue.
I consider myself a tough guy, and I started to cry. Perhaps, because I know what a couple of my teenagers have gone through in the past. You did a good job to convey honest strong emotions. Keep using it in your stories, and it will all come together.

It reminded me of Romans Chapter 8
"Nothing can separate us from the love of God..."