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That was the "good old days." And, yes, I remember the "Phew" part very well. When I was a kid, there wasn't a lot of lawn to mow, but when we moved to the farm on which we now live, it was about 3 times the size of the other one. I was 16 years old, and it was all my job. Now, if the mower was sharp, well that helped a whole bunch, but when i went away to school, there soon was a gas mower. Great job expressing this. Really got a charge out of the guy that forgot to give you the tract!
Interestingly enough, I JUST FINISHED fighting with my lawnmower before sitting down to read the challenges. While out there contolling my temper, I told my neighbor how much I missed the "whirl" of a push mower along with the ability to USE IT! What definitely touched on a bygone era that most of us can relate to. I enjoyed your story very much and laughed out loud at your captivated audience of neighborhood kids.
Your story is engaging, especially when the children are curious and entertained.
THAT THING was fun. i've never actually used a reel mower, but i have thought about it as a special experience for my kids. well done.
Oh you took me back. The first house I bought came with one of those mowers. You described it and the neighborhood children perfectly.
Kep doing "that thing" you do called writing. Nice job.

I live in the snow capital where we measure the snow by feet, not inches.
You had me dreamin of better days!