The Official Writing Challenge
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Watch out! You may just get that Intermediate Crown! I thoroughly enjoyed every word. Haven't read the rest as yet, but this was great, and I could totally identify with your thoughts! Some of the words we are given, one feels as if someone has a grudge against you! Great job.
I liked it alot. Verna may be right about the crown. God tells me the same thing your spouse tells you. Nice to have supportive spouses. Nice for you to have a spouse that is also a believer.
well paced. kept me engaged. reminds me of my sriting struggles...and other things. good job!
You definitely spoke for many of us having the very same feelings and best of spoke them so well!
Good job! You have put feelings for many of us into words we perhaps could not find. God Bless!
We don't need the 'laud', but we can't wait to sign on to see if there is a comment! Great rhyme and meter.
Nice job as you wrote using words that do ryhme
Some of what writers have on their mind
Just have some fun and go on with the flow
Where it will end well who cares and who knows

The challenges hint of emmotion and thought
Some write on through and others get caught
In a road block that's called often times writers block
Some just sit and struggle while the clock ticks tick tock

Phew!, that challenge is over
Its over and done
Hey its not about us
It about Christ Gods own Son!

Good job

I like this very much. I identify with your voice. Thank you for writing it. Keep up the very good start, "and in due season we shall reap" :)... never lose sight of God's purpose for writing. Cheers!
in Jesus,
Don't get discouraged. This was really good. You might want to move up even if you don't win. I could easily see you in level 2. Good job.
Write for God. The bottom line is, whether you receive an award or not, whether you advance- or not- you might be reaching certain people, and THAT is most important.