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Excellent article - powerfully succinct! But more importantly, the tones of honesty and surrender are moving and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your testimony of how God manifests His presence even in the midst of our pain. Blessings...
What a wonderful name for the article, what a wonderful lesson to each of us who read, and a very well-written article. You expressed and admitted your feelings very well. We will understand it better by and by!
A very chilling message from God. You did a great job in writing this, I could feel your anger, pain and grief.
It's a powerful testimony of God's mercy and faithfulness. God bless you for your endurance. You had the patience that worked to perfect you as you remained faithful in abiding in our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. Keep on, sister. James 1:4

Thank you for sharing.

I hope this piece makes its way to a Christian publication to encourage other women who have miscarried. Very well done.
It's funny how hard times can either cause us to blame God or draw closer to Him. In this case it seems to have done both. I love how your character (or you, if it's a true story) desperately flocks to the Bible even though she's angry at God. The truth she discovers is priceless. This is my favorite sentence: "I came to the realization that if nothing I considered “good” ever happened to me again on this earth, I could never, ever doubt his love." Amen sister! The last paragraph sums it all up perfectly.
Hey Ruth, congrats on placing 10th in Level 1 with your entry! You are among some great writers, so good job! If you haven't already, be sure to check out the Highest Rankings posted on the forums: