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You do very well at capturing the complexity of the mother/teen-daughter relationship and the hurt that it can cause. I'm just starting that journey myself and could relate well to your story!
Emjoyed your story. Good flow and good treatment of the subject.
Every mother who's ever had a sullen adolescent daughter will relate to this!

Love your title.
I like your title, also, and the symbolism it portrays. This is a well-thought out story and relevant for today's "family." I enjoyed their use of technology to communicate.
I am so glad that the daughter texted her mom and smoothed things out. You might want to remember to start new paragraphs with a new speaker. Great story!
They say texting is the next best thing to talking. (Don't they?)
Great mother-daughter relationship. Nicely done.
Strong emotions. I could just feel the tension as Mom emptied the trash from her tray....nice moments of reconciliation!
The emotion in this story felt very real. I'm glad technology could bridge the gap between this mother and daughter. Good job portraying a complex and realistic relationship!
Ahh the modern family! At least they connected. God can use those texts too! Very well done.
Sometimes we don't realize how a single comment, even a joking one, can hurt someone deeply. And just as easily, a small act of kindness or reconsiliation can mean more than we know.
This is a great story and I love the mom's way of telling it. My favorite part is where she says she thought Liv would get whiplash from flipping her hair so hard. :D
Fantastic title, great atmosphere. Loved the line about Liv giving herself whiplash from flipping her hair, lol. Very realistic story. Good job!
Oh dear, is this what I have to look forward too?

Thank you for writing about an experience that many moms of teens have. You wrote tenderly and with much emotion.