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Love is blind I suppose. Well told and certainly a
Huh?' moment.
Overheard conversations can be fascinating, can't they?

When writing in 'play' format, quotation marks are not needed, and actions should be put in parenthesis. Here's a brief sample:

She: Oh sweetheart, I just love you so much!

He: I know. I love you too, darling. What are you going to get?

She: (muttering under her breath) Married? (aloud) I don’t know yet, I have been too distracted watching your handsome face.

He: I think I’ll have the pot roast dinner. I’m extra hungry tonight.

I'd sure like to hear more of this conversation--but I'm thinking that maybe marriage isn't the best idea for them, yet!
Sometimes you want to just get up and leave! You did a good job of describing an embarrassing scene. It made me stop and think, a reminder that I never know when I might be overheard.
Definitely a Huh? moment. Cute piece.
A fun read!