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I love the way this was written...nice humourous conversational flow - easy to read and fun to enjoy...not to mention a tad embarrasing, but hey. I enjoyed this...
A well told account of teachable moments in a family. It would be fun to be around when your daughter has her lightbulb moment in the future about it all.
That was a great story. I had a very similar incident with my daughter. I appreciate the humor and the fun way you told the story. Kids will say the darnedest things!
Love these funny family moments!

I'd leave off the disclaimer at the beginning--you don't want to start off you story with an apology for it, and it's best not to refer to the prompt. Just tell your story!
Gotta love the voice of babes!
LOL what a great HUH? moment. Incidents like that are enough to make a Mom swallow her tongue. With kids, life is full of moments like that. Nothing wrong with your content, just full of childhood innocence.