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Very good experiences of farm life! I would have liked dialogue to show and move the story along.
Beautiful story.
Keep up with your writing for His glory.
Joy and peace in Christ Jesus.
I grew up on a farm as well (In the 70s though). You are so correct in your descriptions. I will always be a country girl. Your story took me back to a time in my life that I enjoyed very much. As I read your story, the smells of the farm flooded my senses. It's a wonderful smell, both sweet and disgusting at the same time. Good job - your vivid descriptions made the memory of cow manure a pleasant one for me; that's not an easy thing to do. Double check your proofreading, there were a few errors, but overall you did a good job.
I enjoyed reading your farm experience. My only experiences with farming were visits to my great Aunt and Uncle in Iowa. Many stories like yours from my Dad. Good job. Keep writing.
I enjoy the rustic flavor of this piece--you might consider polishing it up a bit and sending it in to one of those nostalgia or country living magazines.

One improvement: eliminate your exclamation points. They're best saved for use in dialog only.

This entry is rich in sensory details--a pleasure to read.

My mother grew up on an Iowa farm in the 1950s and your story sounds so familiar to me, as she would regale us with tales of farm life during a simpler time. It's so great that you are taking the time to write down your memories - future generations will thank you!