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Although some of the wording was awkward, you told a beautiful rendition of what it is like to receive the Holy Spirit. I know of the wondrous Light that melted away your darkness. It is a very powerful feeling and difficult to put into words. You did a good job describing what you felt. Praise the Lord!
Fascinating, and you did a good job of describing a supernatural experience with our limited language.

One note: 'conscience' is perception of right and wrong. I think you meant to use 'conscious' (awake, aware). The words are easy to confuse.

For someone from a very different branch of Christianity, this was an interesting and lovely read.
A beautiful explanation of your spiritual experience. You helped me to see more fully what happens in these times.Thank you. We all tend to be skeptical of things we don't understand. I feel some things on TV are fake, but I would never discount your beautiful experience.
I really enjoyed this. I have expereienced being slain in the Spirit several times, but God wasn't quite as gentle with me as he was with you. It is an amazing experience. Thanks for sharing.