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Oops...yes, I would count that as an oops moment, LOL. At least for the first date anyway, good point of view for the character, it's a pretty realistic voice.
My embarrassment for you made me lol! And, yes, I still cringe also at past verbal bloopers.
Super exercise in characterization and voice--very well done! I grinned at the ending; "oops" is right!
Nice voice. A joy to read this. Kept my attention.

Good job. I was kept involved all the way. Good writing here.
A wonderful description of one of those awful 'cringe moments'.
Just out of curiosity, did he answer you and was there a second date? lol You did a nice job describing the scene. It was a delightful read that made me cringe right along with you. Thanks for sharing.
Haven't we all wished for a "tongue zipper" sometimes? Very enjoyable reading!

Good job on telling this Oops. I totally enjoyed it, and really got into it, I don't think you'll be in Level 1 for long.
I enjoyed this! Made me think of the things my mom blurted out when she went through that "age". Good job!
Isn't it amazing how we remember those things we would rather forget? Great story, good descriptions of everything.
I enjoyed your descriptions. Guess it was just a romance that wasn't meant to be. How embarrassing.
You have excellent descriptions and a delightful story.
Oh yeah, that definitely qualifies as an "Oops" :-) What a pity it ended like that. You descriptions and dialogue. Well done.
Congrats on placing 10th Barbara! Tough competition, it's hard to place, so good job!
This is a perfect "Oops!" story and could be competing in Intermediate or Advanced, in my opinion. I love it!