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Oh my goodness! I had to laugh, but know that you must've been terribly embarassed.
What a story!! I agree - funny, but I am sure embarrassing. You did a great job of showing your emotions.
I really enjoyed reading this. You described the "nervous fan" to perfection and I loved the humour in it.
I'd have been right there with you, sister! I've been a big fan of Joni's for years too! The article drew me in. I felt like you had us right there with you.
Great title, and really engaging writing.

I've started a class in the FaithWriters forums for Beginner and Intermediate writers. I'd love to see you there--look for "Jan's Writing Basics".

Well done--I enjoyed reading this very much. I felt as if I got to know you.
Great story. Really drew me in to the situation. How embarassing, and you told it very well.
An Ow! for sure. Well written and interesting to read. Thanks.
I've been to the conferences. I am a fan of Joni's. So this could have been me. You did a great job of letting us see it through your eyes.
Good job. I think I would have reacted the same way!
I love this! It's so honest and realistic--fun to read, yet meaningful. It's hard to know what to say to "famous people", isn't it? I look forward to reading more of your writing!
Very well-written story! Strong beginning and end...Congratulations on your placing :):) (I saw you placed number 6th in beginner's and 25th overall from the forums.)