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This is a beautiful and well-written poem, rich with imagery.

I think the notes at the end detracted from the poem rather than enhancing it. It's like jerking the reader back to reality after having visited a lovely place. Trust your poetry to speak for itself!

In my opinion, one of the best entries I've read so far this week.
As the earth is rich with tones and hues, so your poem is rich with description, vivid imagery, and message (God/infinite)! Your phrases are outstanding.
I especially like your second stanza "the sheep, of ebony, or cream" and the "coffee stones do dream" (reminds me of "coffee with 'cream'") …and that's a favorite too. :) (just a side note: I do like your thought on the "moons" with "her" phases.) Your writing really shines here!
Great Work. I especially like the way you can transition lines. "Striped zestful zebras fly
As on the mount fierce leopards prey
And dot the southern sky;"
Being a musician I've always loved when one line flows into the next propelling you forward through a piece, and that's really what I feel like you've done here. Again Great Work.
You've written a lovely descriptive poem. So rich, full, and picturesque of God's creation. Our merciful God created the heavens and the earth and every thing that's in them for us-- that we might worship Him!

Thank you for the tips.

God bless you.
Absolutely beautifully brilliant! :)