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I liked the story and can identify with it. My first child had to wear a biliblanket. Made me smile.
Very nicely written. I don't think you'll be in beginners long.
Great story! Makes me wonder why they send babies home when they are still obviosly jaundiced!
This has a good flow to it; easy to follow.

If I was going to offer any red ink, it might be in the first paragraph. I would leave out "baited breath." It's a cliche, and really isn't necessary as we already know a little child would be waiting impatiently to hear the story.

You've done a good job crafting your story. I felt as if I was in the hospital with you and your new born. I really enjoyed reading it. Thumbs up!
This is a well-written story. I loved how you focused on God ministering to you through the people at the hospital instead of your fear or anxiety. Good job!
Just the right touch on this story. Does any child ever tire of hearing about their birth? Simple, yet powerful.
Keep writing.

Very lovely story, you did a good job!

My advice: Keep entering the challenge :-)