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Very nice work! The imagery of the Bride was excellent.

There was some variance in them rhythm of the poem and I re-read it out loud without the word "Spiritual" and it "felt" more powerful personally.

Great effort, I hope this does well :)
I loved this poem. It seems to have come straight from the heart. Well done.
Great story in your poem. I like this very much. I do agree with another reviewer that without "Spiritual" I like the flow much better. But this is good writing.
What a day of of rejoicing that will be! Great reminder of where our focus should be.
Very nice poem. I love the 'lady in waiting' imagery. I do agree with an earlier comment regarding the deletion of the word 'spiritual'.

Also, there were just a couple of lines where the rythm was a bit out of kilter compared to the rest of th piece.

However, I thought your message was excellent and you have an obvious gift. Keep writing. You did a wonderful job!!
Your love and understanding of this Bible passage shines through in this poem. Nice job!
You have the heart of a poet. The tone of the piece was lovely. I thought it was a bit weak on topic, but still nicely done. Kudos.
Wonderful imagery in this heartfelt poem.

I'd love to have you stop by the "Jan's Poetry Class" forum on the message boards. We're having a thread each week on a different kind of poetry, and I also frequently cover the meter issues that other commenters have mentioned. We'd love to have your input!

Great use of the topic word!
Beautiful writing! This was a blessing to read
I greatly enjoyed reading this Barbara. Linda
I love this poem and the message that it conveys about our glorious King and Bridegroom. Thank you for sharing this with us. God bless you in His tender care as you also wait for our Blessed Lord Jesus' coming to the Wedding Feast!!!