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The fragility of my soul is here. Though things have a season, a life, and death happens, sometimes it is sooner than necessary because of pride. Lots to meditate on today.Thanks
wow, pretty deep. Sounds like a soul crying out for help. great writing, keep it up.
I really liked the extended metaphor here.

Since you asked for suggestions--it could be tightened up a bit; it got to be a bit long and I started skimming for the ending.

The ending, by the way, was great1
I like your contrast in your poem and then the ending. I'm so glad there are no "if only's" with God.. Very nice!
Your poem was exquisite. I loved the visual with, "down, down,down," too. Then the last stanza didn't seem to fit. I thought you were going to say something about the bulbs and how there was hope for next spring. I'm sure there is some way to make the "If only's" happen still. :)
Oops. Compared to the other comments, I certainly am off track with your poem. Well, I did say most of it was exquisite. :)