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Well done, well said. A universal message!
This is so true. ANother song comes to mind, "What the World Needs Now, is Love Sweet Love..." Good work.
Very well done!

Since you asked for specific suggestions, I'd offer these two: most devotionals will hold readers' attention better with personal anecdotes included, and your paragraphs might be broken down into smaller, more easily digestible bites.

I can't find a thing to fault with either your content or your writing ability--this is a strong entry.
Your writing captivates. I love the personification in the beginning, and the paragraph of all of the colors we can paint on God's canvas.

You have a few misused and missing commas and a couple of incomplete sentences, but they don't distract from your beautiful message. Nice work!
Very well done! I loved all the color illustrations.

I think breaking it down to shorter paragraphs would make it a bit easier to read, but overall it was great. Excellent message!
Very well written! This kept my interest from beginning to end. I agree with a couple of the reviewers that to break up your paragraphs might be a good idea and there are some misuse of commas and/or deletion of same. Overall, you have done a superb job! Laura
Your colorful descriptions are so grand! I love how this is worded, "forever altering the beautiful innocence that displays herself so proudly in the purest splendor of white."
Lots of truth in this sermonette. Yes, we certainly need to look more inward than just the external to reach out to the ones in pain and agony.