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I like this. I wanted Ryan to win. This sounded very realistic. Nice job!
I loved the story--it so took me back to my own childhood, as well as to the squabbling of my son and daughter. Good dialogue make the characters real.
This title caught my eye before all the others! Love it. I knew there would be a spill at one point. Very good job telling the story. Now I want a milkshake, but I prefer chocolate myself:)
As one who played Monopoly over and over as a teenager, I enjoyed your slant in this story. Yep, the boys were in trouble! I enjoyed your very realistic dialog in this. You've got talent!
Excellent! I could just hear those two boys fighting, and I was cringing at what was about to happen!

I played Monopoly so much when I was a kid that I had EVERYTHING on every card memorized!
A slice of real life, could have come from my own house some years ago. Keep writing, I think you are a chip off the block! A good chip!
Oh, very good. As the others have said, I could picture this really well. You did a great job creating "word pictures" for your readers.
This was written from experience...right? Well done
Great job, Joseph! I KNEW you could do it! And, to answer your question: no, this doesn't mean you have to enter the Challenge more than once a month- ( ;
Very well written. Looks like you have a good teacher. ;)Cognrats on placing in the top 15 of level 1. WooHoo...I guess we will all wait until next month to see what you come up with next.