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And I thought my mom was the only one. This was clever. I liked your tie-in to how God loves us. Good Writing.
Nice to read about a "guy's" point of view on fashion! Yes, as a mom our children look very good through eyes of love!
Great analogy to how moms see us as compared to God. Very funny too, as we can all relate a little. My mother-in-law always made her son-in-law lemon pie because he said he liked it once, and 18 years later he finally broke down and told her he really didn't care for it all that much.
I really like this - nicely put. My son looks good in camo though - he's in the Air Force - it fits there! I would bet my wife thinks he looks good in anything.
Congratulations on 1st place.

I enjoyed your story very much, and the way you brought it to a satisfying conclusion, with agreat deal of charm.
Great story, well written, and well deserving of its 1st place and EC wins! I can so relate; my son looks good in anything too. :D
Congratulations on first place, and after so few entries. It takes months for the rest of us to reach this level of overnight success.
I love the flow, with enough pauses to round up our thoughts while you move us on. Your sense of comic timing is applied here very well.
God bless you in your writing - and in your desire for clean comedy.
This story warmed my heart. I so enjoyed your humor. Congratulations on your Editor's Choice and level placing!
This piece is very well written. It flows nicely and was over before I wanted it to be. As a mother of a son, I totally agree that our sons look good in anything, but isn't it rather funny how we can assume something such as your mother thought you really liked green, therefore you got green. The analogy of a mother's love is similar to God's love is a great one. Keep up the good work!
I just want to say thanks so much for all the kind words.

It's been a really overwhelming experience (in a good way).

Belated congrats :)

My MIL always buys me green (my hubby's favorite color, mine's blue), and a size too small, even after 12 years of telling her what size to get me.