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"God's Gift of Resilience" would have been a good title for this piece also. Good work.
nice dialogue and characters. good turn of the perspective for the child at the end. very real. thank you for sharing.
I like the way Sarah's mom presented a godly message so simply to her daughter, and to your readers. Good job.
Red ink: putting spaces between the paragraphs makes for easier reading.
Good story - enjoyed reading this. Keep up the good work and take on board what the third comment said. Thanks. Colin.
Really good story. You are on your way!
May God bless you in your writing! Ruth
You have an wonderful gift for storytelling; this was well paced with a timeless message. Great job!
Strong message wrapped up in an enjoyable story. A few minor mechanical errors here and there, but overall, this was well done. Kudos!
minor brick: paragraph spacing will help the reader. you have great potential to glorify the lord with your writing.
A wonderful start! My biggest suggestion would be to work on the mechanics of good writing--sentence structure and punctuation in particular. Your characterization and plot structure were fine, and I liked your open, not totally resolved ending.
You had me hooked with the first two words ;-)

This had a really good message! I was impressed by the dialogue you created between mother and daughter.

I'm sure you're aware of the errors. Might try reading your piece aloud before submitting.

Great take on the topic, I was wondering how you would tie it in. You did so very nicely!