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Nice story, I can't imagane lugging 4 kids and a dog in suitcases, and on top of the car--But this was cute, and had a nice moral ending.
Good entry. God bless ya, littlelight
Clever way to get the point across. Nice job.
Oh, too funny! Not that anyone would actually do that - I hope! I love the different "spin" you put on your piece. It was an amazingly unexpected twist! Very Good writing! Yeah!
This was so real! I laughed when the husband started muttering under his breath. I thought this was just going to be another cute story until I got to the moral. Ouch! Very insightful. Thanks for sharing.
Cute story. The title threw me.
This was a funny story about humorous conversatin between husband and wife when getting ready for a trip. ha ha. About the kids and dog in the luggage: I thought it was very cute!
Great message and a very creative and fun way to share it. There are just a couple errors a good proof reading would fix. Over all, very well done!
Great "object" lesson! Can't say I've been there - I LOVE a weekend away from my precious babes!
I was curious from the start as to what was in the bags to make them so heavy. Never thought of kids and a dog! Good moral at the end too! Keep up the good work!