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This is an informative piece and a nice devotional. Good job.
I love the analogy/simile of the "gravitational pull of a black hole" and the "draw and attraction of this world". You may be at the beginner's level on faithwriters, but you are not at a beginner's level in thinking, organizing, and communicating thought. This piece drew me instantly and was well written and analogized.
Very thought provoking devotional, full of insights based on current understandings. You did a good job pulling this together for the reader to see.
Very good analogy.

I'd suggest starting with a more compelling "hook" to draw your readers in.

This is a quite well-written devotional.
Well Done! Your description of a black hole is very interesting! I never connected it with Revelation. I like how you applied it our lives now. Good writing!
Be very encouraged to know that our young people, and college students need these deep and riveting challenges to the world standard. We cannot afford to loose your voice!

God has put us all in a special place. Your writing is in a magnificent place. Keeping using this venue to elevate it to the mainstream.

You have my prayer and support.