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I so enjoy your devotional reading them and they are so uplifting. Dear God--who is he to you? To us. Does he have a name? I often wonder what our relationship could be with a Father that has no name? I call him Lord Jesus (Jehovah Salvation) Keep writing your devotionals, and that relationship will blossom forth like a rose in the desert. Thank you for sharing. God bless ya, littlelight
I'm not clear on what this has to do with luggage, but the devotional is very encouraging. I'll be truthful--I always skip past the Strong's references to the "meat" of your pieces. Perhaps you could use Strong's to help formulate your ideas, then just write your devotional? You might draw in more readers that way.
You are a great encourager! Too bad this was off topic though you had some very important messages. The extreme use of Strongs really bogs it all down. Consider writing your next challenge without them. Keep at it!
A wonderful devotional, but it didn't seem to fit the theme.
Could be that your piece encourages us to leave our old "luggage" or baggage behind? Encouragement is always timely!!!
I enjoyed your devotional although I had to re-read to find the link to the topic. I, too, would suggest leaving out the references to Strong's. The rest of the piece shows that you have done your research and looked at the verse from several angles, so it's really not necessary and doesn't make for easy reading. If you're reluctant to leave it out altogether perhaps you could put it in your own words and just footnote the reference. But the rest of the piece is fine and just so encouraging. Thanks for sharing.