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I do love this story especially what the B-L-U-E abbrevaiation stands for. I think I like your writing style.
"I locked the thought itself in a safe in some place deeper, and threw the keys to some place higher."

How true . . . for those who will admit it.

This is a wonderful piece and so thought provoking.

I had to read it twice to really understand.

I think I could have only read it once, had you left line breaks... makes it so much easier to read.

God Bless you and your heart
At times our adult children see things that we do not. But if we took them to church their whole lives and sat them under good teaching, and showed them how to be a sinner in need of a savior by confessing over and over our transgressions against one another.....we shouldn't be so surprised when they conclude they have had good role models.

It's worth staying together and continuing to work on the marriage relationships.
A lot of emotions revealed here....
This needed quite a bit of concentration to read! It was full of thought and written with a rich style.Amazing how you managed to pack the whole of this couples married life into the word count. I liked the idea of the keys.!