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Very touching story. I would say keeping that Bible next to her favorite chair is a good thing to remember. It was there for a reason!
Vey touchy.
Missing my grandmother when I read it. She loved singing and went to church but never shared Jesus with me so in a way your story is touching as I don't know if she only went for 'tradition' or not either. We can but hope that we will see them again one day:)
I love the way you told this story. Simple, easy to understand, yet touching and emotional. Even poetic in a way. Love the beginning quote. And it's easy for the reader to sympathize with the narrator.
I so can relate. But, over the years I have come to know that others came before me.

Your grandma's bible, pictures of Jesus . . . could have been given to her by someone else, or through her own efforts.

Whenever I am facing this situation, I can only believe that God was working while I was away.

I pray with you your grandma found her Lord and Savior before she passed on and that you don't carry the burden, for He is our burden carrier.

Hopefully the "blue skies" in your head at your grandmother's bedside at that time was to cheer your heart and know that she indeed was to be in heaven with Jesus where life would be cheerful and bright in the true sense. I don't know of any unsaved person in my family who would keep a Bible next to her favorite chair. My unsaved sister-in-law keeps a Bible for decoration on a shelf, but it always has a silver pair of spectacles on the top for picture effect. Everyone knows it is never picked up to read.
Your words are very eloquent. I believe your Grandmother knew Jesus. Most non-believers would not hang a picture of Christ in their home. And, most "Sunday Church goers" would not keep a Bible by their favorite chair. I think that maturity is what gives us the ability to start important conversations with loved ones who are dying. I know I never would have been comfortable doing it when I was younger.

Please read the book "Glimpses of Heaven" by Trudy Harris, RN. She was a hospice nurse for 30 years in Florida. She has so many stories about folks at the end of their lives, and how God found a way to touch them and bring faith, even if they had not previously believed.

I pray that God will comfort your heart and give you peace about seeing your Grandmother in Heaven when it is your time to go.