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If this story is your own and you are the first person, I hope that writing about it is part of the healing process, that you are indeed healed, and that visits to the blue room and comforter become infrequent to none, as you cling to the best and only true comforter, Jesus Christ.
Actually this story is fiction. But I have friends who've gone through things like this and asked, "where was God?" I wrote this to show that God is there, even when we go through the worst tragedy or abuse, He's there.
This is a powerful story. You have a few spelling and grammatical issues (such as you persuaded your mom to "buy" not "by" you the nightgown). Still, it's a wonderfully tragic and yet happy story that was worth my time.
Excellent story, you took a horrible topic and wrote it in such a way as to show the happy ending. I look forward to reading more of your work.
Of course God is there and He gets one through it. But I hope that we always always encourage girls or boys to turn the abuser in.Well written though.
thank you a great emotive peice.I think the first person writing of this adds great power to the writing.
Well done dear...

You did a good job putting your pain into words. When you can review grammar and syntax. Big Hug
Congrats! I actually got chills while I was reading. Good job :)
Very powerful and moving. We don't always see God in what happens but he is with us always, just as you showed with your story. Good job.