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Very interesting historical piece - love learning a bit more about stories I'm already familiar with.

There were a couple times when your main character referred to himself by his name, rather than "me" or "I." This confused me a bit.

What an inspirational man. Thank you for giving me more of the story.
This is the history that needs to be returned to school text books! Thanks so much for the story!
Apart from a nodding attention to the topic, this is powerful writing. The colorful energy winding its way throughout the narrative is captivating and . . . fatiguing. Just when I wanted to know more detail about where you had placed me, I was whisked away to another event. Wow, this is good stuff . . . what do they say . . . a diamond in the rough . . . ? Bryan. 09Sept09Wed.
I love reading historical stories that take us back to another time and about how they used to do things. I did smile when I read fish "fertilizer" though, and "acres" of corn. I wondered if these terms would have been used by an indian back in that age.

Good job with the story.