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I enjoyed your story very much! I thought the title was an excellent fit. Well written. Beautiful, hopeful message.
On topic and very interesting. Yes, many of us have had that awakening.
I have a girlfriend who loves the Lord. Years ago she was engaged and lived with her fiance. They wanted to have it all and he wanted no children. So, when she became pregnant he insisted on an abortion which she did. They later went their separate ways. He married and had several children. She married but was never able to have a child.
Keep writing.
Well written. Good job.
I like your creative title and the comparison of the two. I like the hope offered in your story message!
Well written!
You probably could have gotten away with a one line intro, instead of a whole paragraph...leaving more of your word count to develop the ending a little more.
Keep it up! Good writing!
Interesting title and it connects well with the story and the scripture.
Eileen, this story really has potential. It shows that you have a good imagination and can enter your character's life and get the reader to empathies with them. Remember that it's a short story. Better to focus on one point in time and have a little backstory as possible. A story becomes really engaging for a reader when you show it rather than tell it. You show until: 'Lynn reached into her coat pocket,' then the story really picks up. yeggy

Love the title! Good entry for Winter. Your story has real potential, I could have read more about your main character. I do agree that although it is hard, with only 750 words the less backstory the better.