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I have read about fifteen of the beginners' entries, and this is by far the most poignant to the topic. Indeed, becoming an adult is a difficult journey. Well written!
I liked this girl! I liked her attitude and her honesty. You did a wonderful job of transforming all those thoughts and feelings into a story.
The start of adulthood is difficult and you captured it well. An extra return between each paragraph will make it easier to read. Good job in this piece.
Really REALLY loved this story. I found myself reminiscing my own early adulthood right down to the mismatched furniture, chipped plates and stack of bills. Great writing!
WONDERFUL first entry!!! You brought out the fear and frustration and loneliness of the MC so well. Super story for the topic, too

For ease of reading, you should leave a blank space between paragraphs; but don't worry, it won't count against you the way you have it. :) Welcome to the challenge!
Very good entry. Shows you have writing skill. The story has just the right touch. Believable. Genuine. Keep writing.
Great first entry! This is definitely something a lot of us can relate to, starting out and dealing with the insecurity, uncertainity and everything else that lumps together when it comes to this "growing up" business. Great job!