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Wow...very good! Solid and interesting work!

May God bless and keep you typing.

Dan Blankenship
Your story made me feel that I was right there with Sadie! Very touching story.
Well narrated. I particularly liked the way you represented the father
You created a vivid scene in this piece. Excellent writing.
It wasn’t the years in her life but the life in her years...." Great story, keep up the good work! I loved the title.
I think the title of this story is just RIGHT! What a sad story. I loved this line: "It wasn’t the years in Sadie’s life that grew her up before she was a child. It was the life in her years." How very true for Sadie...I know you can't edit this story for the challenge, but I think if you use it elsewhere, it would be just perfect if you could use the kind-of "back-hill" type language all the way through the story. It would be so fitting...And, by the way, if this story is any indication, you shouldn't be in the BEGINNER category for long. Just a few minor grammatical slip-ups--easily fixed, would make this story not GOOD, but EXCELLENT...Helen
What a great title for this piece! Your entry was well-written, carefully and skillfully wrapped up and left me feeling that I'd just read something well worth my time! Kudos, friend!
This story was written with skill. I found it to be interesting and tugging at emotions. I love the MC. So sad that many have had to shoulder adult responsibilities at such an early age.
Keep writing.

Very moving story. It touched the core of my spirit for young Sadie and for little ones under her care. Excellent writing.

May God increase you more in your writing for His glory.

In our Saviour's service and grace, Maryknoll
Emotion packed. Some very vivid scenes, like the father falling in the grave. I love how you approached the topic. I look forward to reading more of your work!
Will look forward to seeing how this is a very well written entry. The story was very vivid. It was not hard to imagine the scene at all. The situation was very believable, and your MC very touching.
Absolutely beautiful, astounding writing. The voice of Sadie is hauntingly childlike, but wizened beyond her years in a very believable way. For some reason, I couldn't get the image of Loretta Lynn telling this story.
There are so many parts to this article's imagery that I liked, but one piece that truly spoke to me was when the quilt was laid in the mother's coffin. This spoke volumes. And, as a side note, I believe the mom did come back and push the ole coot into the grave : ) I'm betting this will place this week and I'm expecting you to move up quickly.
Wow. Poor Sadie! Such a wonderfully written character, yet my heart aches to think of her and all that she will do to keep her little family together. LOL-I bet the Mom did kick that guy in there, he SO deserved it. Nice job!
Apart from an arguably weak satisfaction of the topic, the content and delivery was as masterful as any writing submitted, regardless of level. You adeptly held my inclined-to-wander mind, I was mesmerized by the characters, setting, mood, and intentions. And, oh, yes, that title: brilliant! I can hardly wait for your next entry. Bryan. 12Aug09Wed.
I knew this would do well. Congratulations and I look forward to reading more of your work! Loren
Congratulations on your second place win. I knew when I read your story that it would do well. Keep up the good work.
I am overwhelmed by your positive responses and by actually placing in the competition. Thank you all for your encouragement.
Congratulations on moving up to Level II!