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WOW! Lord, be with and comfort this and other families who have felt this type of pain. Help them to see Your Glory in this lifetime. Amen.
That brought tears to my eyse it was beautiful
Love sometimes brief is still everlasting..
Lovely, sad story, well-written. I may have missed the connection to "sightseeing," though.
A heartbreaking story :(
I don't think words can express what a beautiful story you have told...
This brought tears to my eyes. I too fail to see the connection to sightseeing, but thought it was well written.
I think I can understand sightseeing here. One of the most prescious sites is seeing our children be born, being able to whisper how much we love them, and knowing that whatever happens, we will see them again. What a beautiful site that will be too. Thank you for sharing you beautiful story and faith. God bless ya, littlelight
Beautiful and emotional. I liked the sight we were given of Julie setting sight on her baby for the first time, and the knowledge that she will see him again. Thank you for sharing.
Wow, what a sight to see and then what a tragedy to lose such a sight..not being able to see her child grow...but then knowing she will see him again when we all see God's glorious day; beautiful and touching. If this story is true, my heart goes out to you and "Julie." I'll be looking for her baby in heaven to that I can see him too! with love
This is beautiful. I used to work in OB and it was always difficult when there was a sick or stillborn baby. Yet somehow it was still wonderful, even though the grieving process is horrific and never-ending, any amount of time spent with a baby shows the glory of God, whether the time was a few minutes after birth or just the time in utero, the miracle of God shines through. You really illustrated that with this story.