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Good perspective on the subject.
Well told and touching -even more so knowing it was inspired by true events.
You're right to convey we'd find peace and a total retreat from the unpleasantries of this world in the arms of our Lord. Nicely written. Touching story. I'm so sad for the family that remains. Their loss is immeasurable. By the way, it's interesting that you've used almost all the words from our previous challenge words from this quarter in your story! Jo :)
You did a good job on telling the story, it would be even better if you let us feel the story as it happened. Use all five senses in your writing-sight, smell, touch, hearing, sensing. Just imagine it's you and then describe what you go through.
I'm sure the family appreciates this special tribute. You share a great message. I do agree with the "show, don't tell" advice. A nice entry overall. Keep writing!
Blessings, Lynda
Thanks for sharing this joy-from-tragedy story.
You've taken a heartrending story straight from real life. God is the Alpha and Omega here. Well told.
How sad ... yet how touching. Thanks for sharing this with us.
What perfect rest Sara has! Thank you for sharing this story with us.
Quite a tribute to God and the young woman who loved Him with her whole heart.
Beautiful take on the topic. What a retreat!
This gave me chills and knowing it's inspired by a true story, even more so. It is a reminder, too, that we never know when we will be called home. Will we be ready, like Sara?