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Oh! How poignant! Very good.
Very touching story!
You have successfully taken a stark ugly truth and presented it in a warm inviting setting. The contrasting of the war within and the surrounding warmth bring a good balance.
How touching your story is. Chloe's innocence was taken away from her but overtime she learnt forgiveness as she learnt to rely on God for answere.
A very bittersweet story - something nobody should have to deal with, but unfortunately they do. Your story shows that there can be healing.
At the pregnancy center where I used to volunteer in NC, many women believed God had given them visions of their children, telling them their gender and names. Your story brings to light the beauty of God's love for us.
Touching story, nicely written. Well done.
Blessings, Lynda
Well done - touching.
Very good writing; far better than Beginner status. Thanks for sharing.
May God bless you for a story that touches on a very difficult, but real problem in today's society. It reflects your desire, and ours, to make sense of something that is tragic.
You put us in Chloe's mind and heart. Very effective writing!
I had tears in my eyes by the time I got to the end. Beautifully written. I feel this piece could bring healing to many. Thank you for your insight and for sharing.
I had goosebumps. Well written. And ditto to all the above.
Agreeing with other comments - very nicely done. Interesting that you encapsuled a very "real" mental/emotional/spiritual retreat within the context of a contrived and maybe more stiff artists' retreat.
This is a sweet redemptive piece. Helga
WOW! Congratulations, you have shown that God is the only physician who can heal this type of wound. Thanks.
Congrataulations, Karen. Thank you for sharing this story. I climbed into Chloe's world immediately! Well done!
Karen, congratulations on your win. I was a judge for retreat and wanted to let you know how much I liked it. This was the note I made on my tally sheet, "Excellent story about a woman making peace with God and her past on a retreat. Haunting image of "seeing" her aborted child playing with Jesus. A very real feeling story. Poignant!" Great work!