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I love this!
Amen!~ What a message here! Love the daddy's honest voice and the daughter's request. May we too ask our heavenly father,"Daddy, please leave the light on..." Good job!!!
I love the way your started and ended with the same quote, but with two different applications. Excellent.
There are several things I like about this and the primary one has nothing to do with your writing. I love the way you call God, Daddy. Relationship with Daddy will bring all of us into the light where nothing is hidden.

Your article is well written and thought provoking.
I agree with all the above. Well expressed, well done.
lovely. a common everyday situation (and many kids need the night light) and used to illustrate an important scriptual truth. his could be used in a short article written for non christian parents or in a parenting class. Clearly and sensitivly written
A good story making a VERY good point. Well done.
I love the simple way this story was told; and your style made in very plain to see and understand. And, actually, while reading, "surrounded by light" a deeper understanding of this phrase came to mind. Thank-you!
Loved the message here. Indeed, we should ask to have the lights turned on. Wonderful application.
I like the beginning and ending of this story, too. They are really strong and brings home the point you are trying to make!
It's amazing the lessons we can learn from what our children say. Good job!
Such a simple little story yet full of great insights. I too like how you started and ended with the same quote. You obviously have an intimate relationship with Abba Father. Thanks for sharing.
A good message here, almost like a little preach. Teaching, preaching and writing can go together.

Thanks Colin
A terrific full-circle to the concept between the beginning and the ending. That was very nicely done.

Try to imagine that your challenge entry is going to be picked up and published somewhere completely unrelated to FW. (and maybe someday, that will happen) With that in mind, don't ever mention FW, the challenge, the topic, etc.

Expand and expound, and this will get even better.
Oh, yes, this is good! So so true. The only thing you should change is to leave out the reference to the challenge and thinking about the topic. ;) I LOVE the way you ended it, with the father repeating the child's quote and coming full circle. Nice job!