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The blackout was an excellent illustration of your scriptural point!
I like this "documentary " type peice. I would have liked to know more about WHAT the effects were beofre you went onto the scriptural application. There were a few too many facts in the first paragraph that could have been ommitted if you were nearing the max word count. Intersting and informative though!
Very well thought out and nicely written. I liked it. ^_^
It's interesting to read your entry tonight because I was just singing "This Little Light of Mine" to my kids tonight and I explained to my daughter what the "light" was. I liked the illustration of the black-out too. It would be interesting to see more details of personal experiences from the black-out. You did a good job of covering the relevant Scriptures, though! Your story made me think that I need to share more of His light so thanks for sharing!
I've read some of your other devotionals, but this is my favorite so far. I think I would have liked more details of the blackout also. Maybe you should use more news events in your pieces for this seems to be a hit. Heaven knows there are enough lessons in the news.
As usual, your ending prayer is perfect for my personal prayers also. Thank you.
Good devotional piece. I like how you used the Word of God to back up your points. The Florida black-out was also a good comparison.
You have the foundation of an excellent devotional here.

A few thoughts: I felt that the transition between the news summary and the beginning of the devotional section was a little jarring. Could you insert a sentence that brings them together?

Second, I thought that you had a lot of scripture back to back to back, then your own thoughts in one paragraph (starting "Our first step...). Could the scripture and your own thoughts (or expounding on the scriptures) have been more interspersed?

Or, even possibly, compare things from the news paragraph (car accidents in unregulated intersections, for example) with things from the scriptures you used...

Overall, I felt your writing was better than what I'd expect for a beginner. Consider moving up a level, and soon.
Let me start by saying that IF we could just really grasp the message in this devotional, our lives would be glorious.
There are two things going on here; facts presented and a message presented.
When writing the facts, there would be more "punch" if the sentences were shorter. Perhaps, a little less detail.
But, when you write the message...YOUR PASSION comes through. That's where you heart is and your writing reflects that.
You have written the facts with your head and the message with your heart.
Guess which part sticks with me?
Use the facts as a tool only to get the attention of the reader so they will get to the GOOD part.
I love your writing...and your heart for God.
Wonderful devotion! The blackout antectode is a great illustration leading into your message. Super job.