The Official Writing Challenge
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Yes, you are so right; it's easy to excuse our sins away. BTW, I loved that extra touch on the title, the little candle!

Spruce up your article with paragraphs and edit the typos. (All the better to read, you see!)

Keep up the effort of putting your good thoughts on paper.
A nice little bit of encouragement.

Be careful of run-on sentences and misspellings (truly, for example, instead of truely).

Keep writing and stretching your creativity!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

I agree that there should have been some breaks between ideas, i.e. paragraphs or spaces.

Keep writing, your ideas are wonderful!
Paragraphs, spelling and take a breath once and a wile. J But you make a good point, and you have potential. Keep on writing and you will succeed. Well done.
I like the start . I like the Black and white (no grey) but i didnt like you claiming to be me!! just my personal opinion! The I/you part didnt work but as I say maybe I like things even more separated