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Thank you for your article. I especially liked your description at the beginning, and the glimpse into Libby's transformation and how that would effect her future. Very nice.
Great title and so very descriptive in the beginning. I was feeling it with Libby, the sounds, smells and sights. Good story. Thanks for writing it.
Good job, and voice is believable. Keep on writing! God bless your gift.:0)
You did a good job with showing us Libby's extreme joy.

It would be easier to read with paragraphing, and I really felt like I wanted more background into what had happened...maybe a little flashback?

Nice imagery throughout this little story.
lovely descriptions. some paragraphs would help but as it waqs so interesting and engaging I read it all anyway! I do think the uncle part is unsatisfactory as it is introduced without suspense and it just intrudes into what is a complete story without him.Just dictch the last few sentences as in my view the finish of her release is enough.
Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my article and given feedback. I always learn so much from submitting my articles. These challenges help me grow as a writer and I appreciate all the comments.

I agree, paragraphs are a great thing.( : I did indeed have a paragraph in there, but every time I went to view paragraph. I tried three times. The paragraph should be at "Collapsing onto the grass..."