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What a sad story--I'm happy for the sweet attitude at the end.

I was unclear who was speaking at the beginning, and would have liked to know more about what sparked that hurtful statement. And--spaces between paragraphs, please?

I have a heart for people with disabilities, as I have both a brother and a daughter who are disabled. Thanks for this entry.
I can really relate with the MC in this piece in several areas. First, I know about rejection as a child and teen. I also have longed for a "best friend" at various seasons in my life. I have seen kindred spirits come into and later go out of my life over the years.

You raise some thought-provoking issues, too.
Like your MC, I realize that I might have depended on friends more than upon God at times, and He wanted me to learn to seek Him first.

I like the mature, wise attitude of your MC at the end of this piece and wouldn't be surprised at all if a kindred spirit might be around the corner for them! :)
Good thoughts in this piece. Wanna know something cool? I found my kindred spirit/BFF right here on FW when I needed one so very much.