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This is tender and I like the little suprise near the ending. At first I thought the mother was sick with an illness, but nothing that nine months won't cure.:0) Nice job. Other than shortening the paragraphs a bit this is a good read.:0) Cute!!
Good job of keeping the reader involved and in the dark until the end.
Waht a cute story! Thought it might have a sad ending until I read about "stopping for pickles and cherry ice cream." I won't let Susan know about the surprise. haha
The ending was such a relief! I got to the pickles and ice cream and simply knew! Beautiful story! Best Wishes with Baby Susan! :)
oowuh. I totally thought it was an ailment, sickeness. You numbed me on a surprise when you said, "oh i should be calling her now" (or something like that) I had thought her mom was dead. It felt like a miracle.
Thanks for that surprise.
Charming little story.

Watch out for using 'to' instead of 'too', and for those pesky comma splices.

Loved the bit with the pickles and cherry ice cream.
As stated already, I thought Mom had an ailment or something; at least until you interjected that Mom said it'll be ok and then the pickles and icecream. I don't know about anyone else, but you've GOT to be pregnant to want to mix those; Yukk. LOL.