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I thought this piece was really good. It was a different take on the toll that anger takes. It left me thinking and I was totally interested in the character and the outcome of their life. Good job!
Goodness! what an emotion this evoked! Well done!! Wonderfully written...keep on writing.
Gritty, raw and so very true. This story can speak to so many hearts. Overall fantastic writing but I wonder about your ending. Is there enough light to show the way out?
You made your point very clear - we are angry and then hurt, and we harden ourselves from everyone and everything, even redeeming love.
Thank you for sharing
Yeshua bless
This reads like the opening chapter of a book. I hope you are expanding on it because you made me want to know this kid, see what happens to him, he's gritty and he's on the edge and the reader just wants to know more!!
Powerful message in your article. God bless you.
Well done. Your writing was clear and vivid and the emotions were raw. You left your guy angry and lost, but your reader can clearly see what he needs from the interaction with the preacher. Good job.
I agree - there is a powerful message in this piece. You did a great job of showing how anger isn't always loud and obnoxious and obvious - often we silently harbor it deep inside and it ends up making us physically sick. Anger does destroy and you expressed that vividly.
Great job,
You left me wanting more. I think that's a good thing.