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Glad this story turned out well. Hope it will encourage those who need to read it.
This is a realistic story for so many mothers, unfortunatly. You handled the topic well. Great job!
Wow. The details of this story really bring it home. Great job!
Very well written and I am so glad there was a happy ending. Well done!
I'm thinking you won't be i beginners for long. Very well written.
Very moving story, with hope and recovery....Interesting the end is at the beginning, possible end of a family and life...then the beginning is at the end; because she and her family get a fresh start!
Pam Ford Davis
Very well written!
Your writing style is very convincing... and convicting. You bring the MC to life.
I'm so glad this ended hopefully, with Kim on the road to recovery. Good job!
Powerfully and convincingly written. Good use of dialogue and atmospheric writing to set the scene and describe the emotions of the characters. I liked, too the way you ended this piece, one that we can not do it by ourselves and secondly there are loved ones waiting, giving and inspiring hope. Well done.
Very well-written story! Your showed the power of God's awesome grace.
You have a wonderful talent, lady! :) I agree, you will move up the ranks quickly. The MC's voice was so haunting and sad. Even though she was in dire straights, as a reader, I found myself rooting for her. This was a powerful message of a loving Lord and loving family. Unconditional love is a fantastic gift!
This was perfectly intense and quite realistic. You have some punctuation issues around your dialogue, but that's an easy fix.
You did a wonderful job portraying the MC's addiction...fantastic story. I agree with the others that you won't be in beginners long!